The journey of a relationship after having a baby and all the adventures in between!

A blog post I read

I want to share this article with my 1 and a possible readers ENJOY!

I think it is very important that we explore friendships after babies too, not just “sexships” yes I just made that word up!! BOOM! 🙂


Well like most of American women I have fallen victim to 50 shades and it is naughty naughty book. Poorly written but a fun read. I think this book is just what relationships need! I am not saying buy a whip and go to town but I think this book will allow women to start the conversation about fantasy, which is often a tough subject and can be embarrassing. In the words of my neighbor…I am writing a contract! What are your thoughts ladies on the book?

Question of the Week

First let me start by saying I need to post more, Lord I am tired! 🙂 I will do better. Also I need some mom stories! I am suppose to post mom of the week stories on Friday’s but I have not received any entries in a while. If you want your story featured please contact me. Alright so here is the question of the week…

At what month did you say no more SEX!? 🙂

Question of the Week

Having my little one running around at my feet, almost always puts a smile on my face. However, since having a baby my life has changed and I am sure almost all parents will agree. So here is the question–What areas of your life have changed since having children–Are the things for better or for worse?

List one: Baby at the Sitters

Alright finally

Baby  Sitter Four Play

Slip on your red dress, and put on your high heels…okay that is Johnny Gill! Seriously here is the list:

Light some candles

Play some soft music

Feed each other a sexy home cooked meal (Think Strawberries not spaghetti)

Bathe each other

Play strip poker

Perform a naughty strip tease

Make a naughty scavenger hunt

Make clothing optional for the day

Watch some good old fashion porn 😉

Make your own good old fashion porn 😉  (Think Kim K.) SIKKKKKE

Please feel free to add your own! I will complete baby’s in the other room next week!

This Blog

Being a mother is time consuming…I mean really really time consuming! So much that I find it hard to write this blog sometimes, okay often. I also know that not many people are reading it. But all my life I have started things and quit them, blogs included–under my real name I have about 5 or 6. lol However, I am committed to this blog because although I have no readership, it is my words in cyberspace for all the world to see and read, and I hope that they will give someone a good laugh or chuckle or cry as I continue on this journey of being a #SEXYAWESOMEMOMANDWIFE

Oh BTW, we are in the process of trying for baby number two and I had to look my husband square in the eye the other day and say during “love time” are sure you want to do this again…as the baby was crying on the monitor. SMH This life is nuts!

Guest Mom Friday (2)

Wow, Life after baby….who could have told me the truth on how it really is!  Don’t get me wrong but I love my little girl, she is the best thing that could have ever happened to us.  I truly enjoy waking up to see her smile and hear her laughter.  But one thing is true is that LIFE DOES CHANGE.  For our family it has changed for the best and in some cases uuum let me say “not so hot”.  I didn’t realize how much time had been consumed by our little child….my husband and I now have to plan date nights or they will never happen.  We adjusted to making special love time, but in all honesty sometimes we were pooped from a long day.

Aaahhh the days of being a free spirit, to come and go as we please.  Days of rumps in the bed, nights of cuddling under the sheets and of course just being the two of us.   Having a baby just means adjustments in all departments (marriage, love, daily living and even work)

For me I also thought that having my child would just make me stronger in the profession that I do.  You know women always talk of this super mommy power that you get after having a baby, but I guess I missed that boat.  My profession was slightly delayed and it gave me the opportunity to spend more precious moments with her, and realize that in time things will all work out.  Now as she is growing , things have gotten less hectic, we have a routine and both my husband and I are happy none the less.   We have figured things out, but again like I said before the Changes…they were scary at first and I hope that all new mothers brace themselves.  It can seem as a challenging thing but it really is all part of the process in making you a better mom and or parent.  Good luck